How it all started

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Welcome to ODSims!

Here I’ll be sharing my creations of houses, juicy soap opera-styled storylines, ideas for challenges and my tips and tricks I’ve gained from my decade-long experience of simming!

The Sims has been my favourite game for a long time now, simply because its the perfect outlet to escape reality and play (and create!) in a completely different one. One where I decide what happens, where it happens and what funny things I can throw at them in their lives.

One of the best things about this game is the thriving community behind it. I’ve loved seeing, using and editing other people’s creations and sharing my own from the Exchange in Sims 3 and now the Gallery in Sims 4. I’ll be using this website as another platform to showcase my fantastic, at least in my opinion, and fantastical creations! Not only will I be creating and sharing – I’ll also be using ODSims to talk about the stories of the Sims that live within the worlds I create. This includes everything from the usual families with kids to a group of eight people fighting for survival in an underground nuclear bunker!

I hope you all join me at ODSims and follow me through my blogs and posts about the exciting up and coming projects I have been preparing! You can also follow me on the Gallery on The Sims 4, I’m under the name liv_jaynedyou can find some of my creations I’ve made so far on there!

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