Vault 004: the Beginning and the Build part 1

The Beginning

Hey guys and gals, welcome to my first blog series. This will be one of many where I’ll be talking about my most recent, up and coming and on-going projects. These will include, challenges with various rules to try follow and play through, step-by-step development of houses, or storylines from households which I find particularly juicy that I feel they need sharing. In all the years I’ve played The Sims, this project has to be my favourite and most detailed creation of them all so I thought it would be the perfect place to start! I hope you enjoy.

For this project/challenge I took inspiration from the game Fallout Shelter – a spinoff in the Fallout series. You’re tasked with managing the vault, assigning the citizens with jobs so the three main needs are managed. Those needs being: electricity, water and food. The residents also have to repopulate the Vault as others die and they need to regenerate workers. I found the tasks in this game very similar to those you find in The Sims – playing through generations and households as people die and others are born.

In the picture below you can see all the rooms that citizens have to operate. From power rooms to the kitchen, there’s a job for everyone.

Fallout Shelter Game
Fallout Shelter – the inspiration for Vault 004

I loved the idea of an inhabitable, doomed world and escaping to a futuristic nuclear bunker – so I took it upon myself to create my very own in The Sims 4. I named it Vault 004. In Fallout Shelter, one of the first things you have to do is give your Vault a 3-digit number (in the base game Fallout 4 the Vault is as high as the three hundreds) and I liked the idea of this being one of the first few vaults to be inhabited.

The Exterior

Below you will see the location of Vault 004. Prior to the Vault the sight was home to Magnolia Blossom Park – as you can see, the nuclear apocalypse has taken its toll on the area.

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Firstly, I needed a big enough lot to build on, and it needed to be in a sensible place that made sense. I first thought of placing it in Oasis Springs, it would’ve look great against the desert and barren backdrop, but then I thought which lot? I could’ve replaced the Oasis Springs Park for a snazzy new nuclear bunker (the residents of Oasis Springs wouldn’t be happy with that, but who will be the ones laughing when the apocalypse hits them huh?).

All jokes aside, I actually already have one of my other projects placed there: Oasis Springs Prison (but more on that another time…).

I decided to place it in the other park available in Willow Creek (my apologies to the parks and the citizens of Oasis Springs and Willow Creek, the lots are too tempting to build on). It made more sense for the Vault to be in Willow Creek – a hidden underground bunker, tucked away in the shadows of the trees. So that’s where I started.

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I wanted the entire lot to look as overgrown as possible, wherever I could I placed greenery, rocks and vines on the walls to make the Vault’s appearance age. Vault 004 and its occupants survived the end of the World and the tangled and twisted trees and vines are evidence of this!

After this, a high barbed-wired fence was erected surrounding the lot to keep whatever was out there, out (for good!) and to also keep all the sims locked inside. I also created a round roof, more fencing, warning signs and CCTV cameras to really press that no one is welcome here, and give the impression that when it was first built, the people were preparing for Armageddon. On the back of the Vault was an outside power generator for the Vault surrounded by more fencing, which included an air conditioning unit, pipes, a satellite dish and more warning signs.

In the remaining area of the lot, I filled in the spaces with more trees, shrubs and greenery. I kept the pond which is found in Magnolia Blossom Park, only adding more greenery and scrubs around it. I wanted the land surrounding the vault to appear very aged, unkempt and overrun with foliage.

Next to the pond is the exposed underground greenhouse. I did this using the glass ceiling (a new feature following the Seasons update, so that people can make greenhouses and conservatories). Originally, I built a normal greenhouse, as another building above ground, and my gardener would go outside to access the building -but the whole idea of the Vault was that no one should go outside. I dropped the greenhouse down a level so it was underground and kept the glass ceiling so that sunlight would get in. I connected the greenhouse to the corridors inside so my gardener then doesn’t need to go outside. It was a triumph and it fixed my problem, and in my opinion it’s one of the coolest things about the Vault! 🙂

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The vault door and the various gates and fencing made sure no unwanted guests could appear. But I wanted to go that extra mile and be as creative as I could, so I included a watch tower. This four story, 4×4 building stands tall above the skyline of the trees, so that it can see out beyond the Vault’s land, but the trees still keep it hidden. I of course made the outside blend in and used the same technique as before – using vines on the walls and covering the ground below with shrubs and bushes. Three sets of staircases go round the structure and at the top is the technician’s room – filled with high tech computers and maps ready to alarm the Vault if the guard spots anything mysterious lurking in the shadows!

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I’ll save the interior of the watch tower for my next blog post, as I’ll uncover the inside of the vault down below. But I included pictures above so take a peak! This concludes the guide to the exterior of Vault 004, and my first blog post (ever!). In my next post I’ll be talking about all the rooms and the interior of the Vault.

You can download the Vault on the Gallery on The Sims 4, you can find me on there under the name liv_jayned!  <– click here to view my creations

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