Vault 004: The Build part 2


Hey everybody! In today’s post I’ll be continuing my series on Vault 004 – this time delving into the interior, and looking at the first level of my bunker. In my last post I covered the inspiration behind this project and I walked you through how I built the exterior. If you haven’t already read my previous post, I’d check that out first as it sets the scene a bit and I’ll be referencing it a lot!

The Interior: Basement Level 1

Once I built the outside of the Vault, it was time to go underground. Similar to my inspiration, Fallout Shelter, I wanted my bunker to go several levels below ground, with a central staircase which would give access to all floors. Unfortunately, for some reason, in the Sims 4 you are only allowed two floors of basement – unlike its predecessor Sims 3 where you were allowed FOUR! (eye roll and yawn aimed at Maxis for binning another useful feature).

This problem worried me. How was this going to be a nuclear shelter – ready for anything to strike if it only sat two levels below an Apocalypse? I don’t use mods or custom content in my gaming, so a mod allowing as many basement levels as I wanted wasn’t going to be the solution.

The purpose of the Vault is that it’s a new, safe home for Sims escaping the World. It will keep out disease and radiation poising – so that citizens of the bunker can thrive and repopulate the Earth. Initially, I wanted to use a considerable amount of levels to separate the outside world and the living quarters situated on level 2. But instead, I used long corridors on my first level. This made the journey from the entrance to the accommodation longer – giving the process a sense of leaving the outside world behind.

I built shower rooms to act as chemical wash rooms, where Sims need to rinse themselves of any potential harmful substances – making sure no nuclear radiation seeps through! I then connected hallways to the underground greenhouse and the watch tower, that had already been built (as seen in my previous post!). Locked doors also came in handy when giving access to certain workers.

The floorplan of the first level of basement
Floorplan of the first floor

The Vault’s entrance is a split-level design. This means that when Sims first enter, they are immediately journeying underground. The exterior barbed-wired fencing and tall gates, ensured that all visitors were wary of what lurked beyond. I needed to have the same unwelcoming feel to it. Wave goodbye the the outside world, this is your new home now!

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I used metal flooring, stairs and railings, heavy protective doors with warning signs on them, exposed piping and warm yellow toned lighting to create this first room. The new residents of Vault 004 aren’t able to make themselves at home just yet. The Get to Work expansion pack really helped with the entrance, as well as the rest of the lot, especially the furnishings from the Science career. To unlock the career items I used the cheat bb.ignoregameplayunlocksetitlement.

Making their way through the corridors, new members of Vault 004 will enter the locker rooms. Here they will dump their normal world clothing and swap it for suitable, practical clothing, such as cargo trousers and heavy duty boots. Men and women will then separate themselves into different shower rooms to clean off any potential radiation or harmful chemicals stuck to their skin and and change into new clothing. This cleansing process ensures the safety of the Vault and the wellbeing of everyone inside. Whenever a Sim leaves the compound, they must go through this process again to make sure no infections or disease come back with them.

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The effect of the basic concrete walls and dull grey furnishings make the shower areas have a clinically sanitized appearance. Emergency eyewash and safety showers are mandatory equipment for every laboratory that uses chemicals and hazardous substances so I thought they would be feature perfectly in the shower room where new residents wash any harmful particles off their skin. After they’re all clean Sims are free to continue down to the living quarters to be appointed their jobs and start their new life in Vault 004.

Apart from new residents, not many Sims will use this route again as only the Scientist can leave the Vault. The citizens must stay inside for their own safety. The Gardener and the Technician have access to Level 1 as the greenhouse and the watch tower are involved in their jobs.

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I explained in my last post about the greenhouse, how I dropped it down a level so my gardener wouldn’t have to go outside, and how I added a glass roof so that sunlight could get in. This is one of my favourite features of the Vault, as I love how it connects the outside World to the bunker. For the sake of a good storyline that makes sense in this nuclear shelter – I’m pretending that there isn’t a magical fridge which replenishes food and then instantly deducts simoleons from your account, and that my sims can’t produce some of the most magnificent dishes such as lobster thermidor and prosciutto-wrapped asparagus, just by simply improving their cooking skill. So this garden was put there as if its the only food stock available to the citizens of the Vault. But its also essential as it creates money, as in the Sim World, bills do exist and they need paying, so the greenhouse generates a lot of useful money for the Vault. I also use other techniques to create an income for the Vault as only the Scientist can work, but more on that in a different post!

I felt a watch tower was definitely needed on the grounds of my Vault as the idea is to not only keep the Sims locked inside but also keeping whatever is out there, kept out! I showed you the exterior of the watch tower in my previous post, but now I’ll show you the inside and go into detail on how I built it 🙂

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From the floorplan of level 1, you can see that the stairs situated in the bottom right-hand corner connects the basement to the ground level of the watch tower. This bottom level floor is used as a storage room, where crates and boxes are stored out of the way so the Vault doesn’t end up cluttered. The Technician, who’s the only Sim with access to this tower does have to venture outside for a short while, in order to climb the stairs which circle around the four stories of the tower. On the top level is the control room. For this room I used metal flooring, dark brick walls, and grey and dark furnishings. I thought the futuristic desk and the wall mounted map would be perfect for the look out tower, as I could imagine my Sim sounding the alarm if an invader managed to get in! I used the cheat bb.ignoregameplayunlocksentitlemt to unlock the career items.

I can’t wait for my next post as I’ll be uncovering the interior of level 2, including the laboratory, doctor’s office, and the living quarters – which will give an insight to how the Sims go about their day to day lives in the Vault!

Thank you for reading and remember you can download the Vault on the Gallery! Find me under the name liv_jayned! <- click the here to view my creations!















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