About Me

Hey everyone, thank you for visiting, I’m the creator and writer behind ODSims and this is a little bit about me:

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I’ve been playing The Sims for well over a decade now, and after all these years my love for the franchise has only grown into an obsession, so I thought I may as well share my creations, thoughts and ideas with you all!

I first started playing when The Sims 2 had just hit the shelves. I remember seeing it for the first time, thinking “I NEED this in my life right now!” so I bought it instantly! Although I still had to wait a while to play it as I bought an expansion pack first instead of the base game… :/ I assure you I’m more clued up on how The Sims works now.

I’ve played through all of Sims 2, 3 and now 4 (so far), owning most of the expansion packs for each of them, as well as owning the complete edition of The Sims 1 and I’d love to share my tips, tricks, fun designs and original creations on here!

I hope you all enjoy!

OD x